at the heart of change Join us on our journey to becoming an MVP university Sahmyook University

We take strides forward into yet another century on the backs of 112 years of history and tradition. In accordance with our hopes and vision of cultivating “holistic beings” we have formulated SU-MVP+ Plan 2025 and have initiated the process as seen fit for strategic development in selective areas. Join us as we make leaps and bounds into becoming a top educational institution that cultivates glocal leaders in the Seoul Metropolitan area.

SU-MVP+ Plans 2025

Slogan - Education that Changes Men, University that Changes the World.Vision – To cultivate holistic beings Goal – To become a leading university in producing Glocal leaders in the Metropolitan area


  • Faculty/industry & university research

    Strengthen teaching & research capacity

  • Student/education

    Education reform towards student-centered learning

  • Specialization/internationalization

    Creating a Glocal campus focused on specialization & internationalization

  • Management/external capacity

    Strengthen competitiveness through efficient management and brand development

SU-MVP+ Education System

    • Educational philosophy

      Holistic education of body, mind and spirit

    • Educational purpose

      Nurturing holistic beings with Mission, Vision and Passion

    • Educational goal

      Holistic being, creative intellectual, server of humanity

    • Model

      Sahmyook MVP
      (serving others in truth and love)

  • MVP
    Core competencies
    • Civic consciousness
    • Communication
    • Creative intelligence
    • Internationalization
    • Practice
    • Self-directed learning
  • Nurturing holistic beings MVP University