Campus Facilities

Equipped with a swimming pool, basketball court, fitness gym, squash courts, and an indoor golf range, the center provides an extensive array of training facilities for recreational and health use of students, faculty, staff, and local residents alike.


With our Library 3.0 environment, students access both books and digital information anywhere, anytime. Also, study rooms and multimedia rooms turn the library into a multi-functioning cultural space.


Gym ground floor

Swimming pool (25m long, 10m wide, 5lanes) – MㆍF locker room and shower room, physical strength test room, exercise prescription room, fitness center, audiovisual room, and table tennis facility.

Gym second floor

Main court (basketball court 1 side, valley ball 1 side, badminton court 4 sides), squash court (3 sides), MㆍF locker room, registration office, administration office, and health center.

Gym third floor

Main court stands (396 seats)

Computer Autonomy Practice Center

  • Location: Library ground floor
  • Hours
    • Monday ~ Thursday: 09:00 ~ 17:00
    • Friday: 09:00 ~ 14:30
      ※ Closed on Saturdays and Sundays including holidays.
      ※ Changes in hours due to other events and works will be posted.
  • Equipment Condition
    • 67 PCs, 10 Mac PCs
    • Printer: 2 color-printers (1 A4, 1 A3), 3 black and white-printers
    • 1 scanner
  • How to Use Printers
    • Deposit some money to your account in Woori Bank(your I.D. card), and put your I.D. card in the ATM. Then press “Other Tasks” and “Digital Cash” in order.
      • ①~⑤are the same as before
      • Press “Print” button on the page you are going to print. (Pop-up will appear.)
      • Sign up for the website on the pop-up. *Existing I.D. available
      • Press “Print” on the pop-up. (ID/PW confirmation window will appear)
      • Type your ID/PW.
      • Go to the designated printer. *Check the number of printer before going. (There is a number on the monitor.)
      • Place your I.D. on the RF card reader.
        • * If your I.D. is not registered, enter ID/PW. (Enter once, then it will identify automatically after.)
        • * Your record will remain even if you do not want to print immediately. You can print whenever you want by placing your I.D. on the RF card reader.
      • Press “OK” button. (Your document will be printed after the money is deducted.) When the computer restarts, all of the files saved in the hard disk will be deleted. Save your documents in your own storage devices (USB).
    • Fees :A4- black and white 50won a sheet, colored 250won a sheet / A3 colored 500won a sheet (Photocopy-A3, A4 30won a sheet)
  • General Policies
    • No foods and drinks.
    • No games and chatting.
    • No equipment damage. (Including illegal software downloads)
    • Be quiet. (No phone calls and talking)
    • If there is a problem with the computer designated to printer, do not touch, ask for assistance at front desk.

Convenience Store

For the convenience of the students and the faculty, the CU convenience store is located in the ground floor of student clubhouse (next to Pine House restaurant). You can enter through the sports field side and Pine House. There are various items from snacks to necessities for sale.

  • Location: Student clubhouse ground floor (inside Pine House)
  • Hours
    • Monday-Thursday am 8:00 ~ pm 9:00
    • Friday am 8:00 ~ pm 4:00
    • Sunday am 8:00 ~ pm 7:30


Woori bank Sahmyook University branch

  • Location: Library lobby
  • Hours: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM (weekdays)
  • Service: Ordinary bank business (deposit, installment savings, loan, etc.)
  • Tel.:1588-9288(non-Korean speakers)

School ATM location

  • Woori Bank ATM: 100th Memorial Hall ground floor, student clubhouse ground floor, library ground floor
  • Nonghyup ATM: Paul Hall ground floor

Post Office

Sahmyook University post office

  • Location: B1 of Third Science Hall (B1 feels like the first floor)
  • Hours: 9:30 AM-4:30 PM (weekdays)
  • Service: Mailing, finance
  • Tel.:02-3399-3418
  • ATM Location: B1 of Third Science Hall, Paul Hall ground floor