삼육대학교 총장 김일목

Education that Changes Men, University that Changes the World.

MVP University, Glocal Leadership Training!

President, Sahmyook University KIM Il Mok

Celebrating 112 years of history: Towards an education-centered MVP university

I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to all those visiting Sahmyook University (SU).
SU is a special university.

SU has a long history rooted in the educational philosophy of cultivating intellectually, spiritually, and physically holistic beings.

SU is a prestigious university that has its goal set on producing “Glocal leaders with Mission, Vision, and Passion (MVP)”.

SU is a passionate university that strives towards an education-centered MVP university in line with the motto, “Education that Changes Men, University that Changes the World.”

SU not only has a beautiful campus situated in nature, but also boasts an unrivaled international service program rooted in the university’s character building education, which cultivates students to become the light and the salt of the world.

SU’s faculty, staff, and students, as a community and a family, work endlessly to create a campus where students are truly happy. For us student satisfaction comes first.

SU’s ultimate goal is to transform students into agents of love and truth that make the world a better place. We have made a detailed road map to effectively achieve this goal: first, become a leading university in the Seoul Metropolitan Area by 2020 and, second, becoming an internationally leading university in our own specialty areas.

As a small but sturdy institution, SU is armed with a Mission towards the world, a Vision for the future, and Passion for humanity. The acronym is MVP (Most Valuable Player). It is our hope and dream that student’s will become MVPs in their field of expertise.

Come to SU and become an MVP in your field of expertise.