Visa & Insurance


1.If the students are citizens from countries that have visa exemption agreement with the Republic of Korea, students do not have to apply for a special visa while participating in the International Summer School since is held only for 4 weeks. Upon arrival, students will receive a 90-day tourist visa, which will be sufficient to partake in the program.

2.A short- term visa (D-2-8) may be required if the students country requires a visa to enter Korea. For more information on visa requirements and application, please contact the Korean Embassy or Consulate to see whether or not a visa is mandatory. Documents necessary to apply for a visa may vary from country to country, so be sure to acquire that the necessary documents for the current country the student resides in. Visa processing might take a long time, so it is recommended that you apply in advance.


All students must be insured before entering the International Summer School program. Korean nationals are required to submit a copy of their National Health Insurance (can be retrieved from the National Health Insurance website). Foreign nationals are required to insure a travel insurance or other Korea approved insurance and must be submitted. If you do not have insurance coverage that is acceptable in Korea, you can apply for one upon your arrival. If you do not have an insurance, or a copy of your insurance is not submitted, you will not be accepted.